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Me and my Beautiful Mom, Delia

A Lifetime of Acting

My mother told me she knew that I would be an actor or have some kind of career in the entertainment field when she finally revealed that when I was born the Doctor exclaimed “ Where did all this GLITTER come from ? !

Born in Del Rio Texas, we moved to San Jose California when I was about 2 years old.

My mother owned a beauty salon in my formative years and all through my High school years. She also worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Company and made all the samples of new patterns where hovering over her I learned my love of sewing and creating.

In high school I was very popular with the girls as I would do their hair for dates, prom, & school dances and created and executed Hair Design for all the Plays and Musicals we did. The boys didn’t “get it” that I got to go to sleepovers and hang with the girls!

I graduated Sullivan Beauty College the summer between my Jr. & Sr. year. My parents made me graduate High School anyway!

I went on to work for Clairol teaching hair color techniques; I was a whiz at Foil Highlighting! I taught at numerous Beauty Shows and Expos so you can say I was already "On Stage".

I finally moved to Hollywood in 1981 and started doing hair design & make-up for student films and photoshoots.

Aha! My big break! One of the actors couldn’t make it to play a bartender in one project and I was asked to step in. I LOVED IT! Seeing myself onscreen unleashed my love  of acting and being onstage where I have progressed to be in many Student Films, Plays, Musicals, Independent Films, Main Stream Films, and Web Series projects.

 I’m having the Time of my Life!

Available for Projects

I love to act in Films, Television, Commercials, Web Series', & Streaming Video.

 I  wholeheartedly support Student Filmmaker projects.

 Please see my resumé for the details of my experience and skills. I am a working actor and a proud SAG/AFTRA Member.

Current Project "Come On Eileen": Short Film

For the last year, I have been working on many projects for YouTube, including Web Series, "Old Dogs & New Tricks", "Where The Bears Are" and "AndyGrossLive".  I'm an advocate of supporting Student Filmmaking and have been in projects from USC, Chapman College, The New York Film Academy, and Northridge College.



Johnnathan Korver Resume (pdf)


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